Our Joseph House Community Food Bank has a goal to significantly reduce the number of hungry in America. Food is one of life's most basic needs. In the United States we are fortunate to have endless fields with crops, yet in the midst of our great nation we still face the issue of hunger.  Food shortages affect people that live in large cities as well as those living in rural America. Hunger has no bias of culture or race. Hunger attacks the young, the old, and families who are struggling to get by. We have often witnessed individuals who were too embarrassed to ask for help, but in the midst of desperation these same people have turned to us for assistance. Half a million people in America face hunger issues. Starvation deprives people of good health while they struggle with malnutrition which leads to hopelessness and even depression. Hunger doesn't just happen somewhere else. One out of ten people don't have enough food to eat. All of us know someone who is struggling whether we notice it or not.

Knowing these facts we are faced with the question, "What can I do about hunger?" We asked ourselves that question at the Joseph House and we decided to stand up for our friends, families and neighbors. We network with other food banks and soup kitchens that help us distribute food to others. So we ask, "How do we conquer this hunger need?" In America we produce enough meat, grain and produce to feed our great nation. At the Joseph House Community Food Bank we create unique ways to gather and distribute this food. Our food is donated by large food manufacturers like Bar-S and smaller businesses like Coweta's local Broadway Bakery. These organizations work with us to fight hunger. We are also supported by multinational retail corporations like Sprouts who donate meats, produce and other fresh foods. Mega companies like Walmart also continue to support us through grants including those used for construction projects like building bigger feeding facilities and to help us purchase a freezer truck and freezers to be able to pick up fresh produce, dairy and frozen meats. We also receive grant support from companies like Big A Fans which help keep our warehouse cool.

We network with organizations and individuals who help collect food and raise money for hunger relief. We own warehouse's and have received donations of warehouse space which allow us to package, sort and distribute food. We also network with groups, associations, churches corporations, institutions and businesses to help us distribute the food to large cities and into rural America. 

We don't fight hunger alone. We count on our volunteers who respond by donating thousands of hours every year to help stop hunger. Our volunteers work hard sorting groceries, breaking down pallets and packing food into sacks that are picked up or delivered to families. Our volunteers cook and prepare hot-meals that provide food for individuals and families.

We put our heart and soul into this program to maximize every dollar that is donated. Every contribution makes a huge impact in the lives of those struggling to make ends meet. It is the love and support of our volunteers and donors that is the backbone of our Joseph House Community Food Bank. We are thankful for all of this support that reaches into our neighborhoods giving a helping hand to those in need. Americans have managed to put food on the table for our neighbors by donating the precious gift of time.

In America we stand together to make a stand for those in need!