Why Volunteer?

Sure Shot Exterminating

Sometimes people are just down, they need encouragement, they need to know that someone cares about them. - Mike Payne

We help people, pray, feed them and give them groceries. - Teresa Payne

We give out can food, fresh vegetables and cereal. Teresa Payne

Sutton Plumbing Drain & Service Co.

To help people that are in need kin of makes you feel better about yourself. It also makes you appreciate the things that you have. it makes you so much more grateful for the things you have. - Patty Sutton

It opens your eyes to see the needs of those around you. When you are right there in it you see how people are really hurting. - Patty Sutton

As a business owner volunteering/serving others makes you look more at the people that work for you and the people that work around you to really see them more as people. Sometimes we take some for granted and we think everyone has that, and then you look around behind those doors at people that are really hurting that you really didn't know. It makes you more aware of those around you. - Patty Sutton

Serving is something that I've always done and I love to do. i think it changes the way you parent your kids. And the way that you race your kids. It causes you to be more thankful for what you have instead of the things that you don't have. - Dawn Castro

Winnett Insurance Agency

It has been rewarding for us to see this ministry from the time it started to where it has grown today. - Larry Winnett

We have found that we cannot out give God. - Larry Winnett

Ray's Renovation

I volunteered with the food distribution for those coming to get food and I've gone on routes to take food to shut-ins. What a blessing. It opened my eyes to see the need that is out there and get tot talk with people and pray with people. - Ray Walter

To get out there and see the needs in our country and the other countries. I've been on a couple of mission trips. To see it opens my eyes and gives me a heart of compassion towards people. And to know that I am blessed to help them. It's been a good experience for me and my wife to be involved. I would recommend it to anybody to get involved in the food distribution program here at Joseph House. - Ray Walter

R.E.M. Photography

God's blessed me with a talent in photography. I get a lot of practice at Abundant Rain/Joseph House. It's an awesome opportunity to take pictures of God's love. We're not only giving, but also receiving. I've captured those moments in pictures and it's and awesome way to serve. - Ruthie Mellott

There are no words to describe how it feels to help someone in need. It probably does more for me than it does for them. - Ruthie Mellott

Also through my giving of photography, donating my time, I was blessed with free photography lessons from the number one photographer in Oklahoma. - Ruthie Mellott

(Impact of volunteering in your life?) Just the joy. The joy that it brings in my heart. There's no other kind of satisfaction. - Ruthie Mellott

(Impact of seeing devastation in other nations?) It was heart wrenching. But at the same time, these children love the Lord and they taught me. All the stuff that goes on in my life is so petty compared to what they go through in a day. It makes me thankful for everything. - Ruthie Mellott

R & D Construction

I stopped up in Haskell, Oklahoma the first time I met Abundant Rain. I saw the way you were feeding people and everything. It showed me that you were somebody that out doing something. Not just talking about it. - Bob Jordan

People want to help people. Volunteering at Abundant Rain is a good place to do that. - Bob Jordan

I became friends with the people that I got to know at Abundant Rain. They are good people. They dragged me off to Panama. It was a real experience to see what Abundant Rain is doing overseas. It blessed me to see it. You see things on TV, but when you're there, and you see it, it has an impact on you. There's a difference. - Bob Jordan

(Did it have an impact on you when you saw the gift that you were giving, the things that you were doing was actually making a difference in people's lives?) Yes it did. It didn't seem like I was doing much. But later on you go back and you see how it starts growing. The people, the Kuna Indians they start working more. And it encourages them because someone is trying to help them out. - Bob Jordan

Oklahoma Boat Lifts and Sales

It's wonderful. We're out meeting people who need help. It's a blessing to see the look on their face. And feel the appreciation that they have for us for providing them with some food. We thank you for that and for feeding all the kids all over he world. - Ron Isley

In Panama, San Blas Islands with the Kuna Indians has been an unbelievable life changing event for me. - Ron Isley

Serving out here, serving hot-meals to anybody that comes. And then we give out groceries also. It's all been fun and rewarding - getting to pray with people. God has blessed us to be a blessing. - Peggy Isley

Volunteering has made our boat business more friendly and caring for everybody involved. And foreseeing that the potential of input, to see the sales, our sales have increased since we've been doing that. We thank you for the opportunity to serve people. - Ron Isley

Dream Catcher Express

We helped deliver the food. We helped pick up food and package the food for international and local. We helped with the paperwork making sure that everything is correct so that people get served. - Marcus Hindsman

We are really grateful and really blessed to know that we are helping people. I can remember one time when our family didn't have anything to eat and some people from a local church come out and helped us. It really made us feel good to know that someone cared. And we like to know that we can help somebody else and return that good deed. - Marcus Hindsman

Dilbeck Mfg., Inc.

It blessed me so much seeing the people come out that we fed. They was just so happy to have a meal. And the little kids that would come around. They're just happy to be here. The help that they're getting just made everybody feel good. - Gary Dilbeck

On the business side we have completely changed what we did when we started out by treating people the way that we're supposed to be treating them. And getting the business out as quickly as we can. The way we're supposed to. And in return the business has kept coming and coming. We wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Lord blessing us every day. - Gary Dilbeck

(Impact of volunteering on company?) Employee attitudes at work have changed. We don't have anybody talking bad or using bad words. Everybody wants to stay at work. We're staying busier than we were before. Our employees are doing a better job overall. - Gary Dilbeck

I would recommend everybody, businesses, to volunteer. Get involved. You do it just once and you'll be hooked. You will be doing it from now on. I promise you. - Gary Dilbeck

Comfort Insulation

It is such a blessing to be able to help out people that need a lot more than what you have to offer. But every opportunity that you have to help is truly a blessing. - Mark Bates

We've always been givers. That's a big plus in our home also. - Mark Bates

The spiritual part of it is great. The monetary part? It comes. The more you give the more God is going to replenish your giving. It's a win! Win! - Mark Bates

My employees are humbled when they see me give away product and time. A lot of times they will say, "hey, since you done that for free, we're gonna do it for free also. It kind of makes it full circle. - Mark Bates

Broadway Bakery & Cafe

Volunteering time and helping to feed people makes us feel good. It makes it all worth everything. It makes it worth owning a business. Helping people is the main thing. It makes you a part of the community. It makes you feel good to help people. We hate to see people down on their luck, hungry, no coats. We're here to help any way we can. - Danny Meyers

The more you help people, the more you start noticing people that need help. A lot of times they don't like to ask for it. We try to keep our eyes open for the ones we think might need a little extra help, but they're too proud to ask for it. We try to help them however we can. It makes an impact. The way you look a people becomes entirely different. Nobody leaves hungry. - Robin Meyers


Today we served families that were in need of food. There's a lot of families out here that need help so we're out here helping them. Giving them free food. - Jason ADT/Defender employee

Some of our guys are out working today and w'ere out here volunteering. It helps the new guys learn to listen better. It lets you see what goes on. - Jason ADT/Defender employee

I'm out here serving hot dogs. We're out here helping out the community. It's always good to help out people in need. - Josh ADT/Defender employee

Today we served families, handed out hot dogs, serving with the Abundant Rain Ministries, Joseph House Food Relief. It's just a great time to help the team out. Let them see the families that we serve every day. It's more than just numbers. This is actually families that need help. I had a great time today out here just helping out the community. - John Thompson ADT/Defender employee