Country Details

  • Population: 15,806,675 (66th) 2014 estimate
  • Currency: Quetzal GTQ
  • Calling Code: +502 
  • Joseph House (Abundant Rain) started working in Guatemala May 2008.

Our Strategy

Lift indigenous Guatemalans out of poverty by providing access to better food and healthcare. Network with group home for adults/children with cognitive and physical disabilities.

The Context

Guatemala struggles with government corruption, high crime rates, crippled infrastructure and high rates of malnutrition. About 80% of the population lives in poverty, partly because fertile land - the most important means of production in this agricultural economy - is concentrated in the lands owned by just a few.

Our Work

  • Distributing food and providing nutrition education to mothers with young children
  • March 15, 2013 Joseph House International Food Relief Program began networking with Chilton Baptist Association and the Alianza Evangelica De Guatemala to bring our own blend of nutritious food relief to the country of Guatemala.
  • Building Construction Project- Built a home for Baptist Pastor Eduardo Gomez in Guatemala.
  • Wrote a children's book with English/Spanish translation continuing education.


June 11, 2015     SHN      285,120 meals     43,700lbs.    $82,685.00     Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala 

May 25, 2015    FMSC     272,160 meals     42,322lbs.    $59,875.00     Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala 

March 09, 2015  SHN      285,120 meals      43,700lbs.    $82,684.80     Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala

Aug.  05, 2014    SHN      285,120 meals     43,800 lbs.    $71,280.00     Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala

March 4, 2014     SHN     285,120 meals     43,800 lbs.    $71,280.00     Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala

Nov. 06, 2013      SHN     285,120 meals     43,800 lbs.    $71,280.00     Alianza Evangelica de Guatemala

March 15, 2013  JHIF      6,480 meals      1,080 lbs.    $1,620.00    Alianza Evangelica de Guatemala


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    • Official languages: Spanish
    • Ethnic groups: 59.4% Mestizo; 9.1% K'iche'; 8.4% Kaqchikel; 7.9% Mam; 6.3% Q'eqchi'; 8.6% other Mayan; 0.2% indigenous non-Mayan; 0.1% others
    • Demonym: Guatemalan
    • Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
    • President: Oto Perez Molina
    • Vice President: Roxana Baldetti
    • Legislature: Congress of the Republic